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Neural Masses as Source Models for EEG and MEG

Difficulty level

The concept of neural masses, an application of mean field theory, is introduced as a possible surrogate for electrophysiological signals in brain simulation. The mathematics of neural mass models and their integration to a coupled network are explained. Bifurcation analysis is presented as an important technique in the understanding of non-linear systems and as a fundamental method in the design of brain simulations. Finally, the application of the described mathematics is demonstrated in the exploration of brain stimulation regimes.

Topics covered in this lesson
  1. Mathematical description of neural masses
  2. Transfer functions in local brain dynamics
  3. Mathematical implementation of structural connectivity
  4. The Jansen-Rit model
  5. Bifurcation analysis
  6. Equilibrium manifolds
  7. Dynamics of brain stimulation

Basic knowledge in neural signal processing