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During our user research, we have identified the need to make neuroinformatics training material more accessible to teachers. Our vision is that the INCF Training Space will become the go-to place for neuroinformatics training resources. Below, we have listed a few resources to help instructors bring neuroinformatics approaches to their classrooms as well as links to open data and model repositories.               

Neurostars is a question and answering site hosted by INCF since 2014. The site is also a resource to the broader community, as the site generated over 918,000 page views in 2018. In 2019, we are continuing to grow the community by utilizing it in the INCF Google Summer of Code, as well as integrating it with the TrainingSpace and KnowledgeSpace initiatives. Visit Neurostars

KnowledgeSpace is a community-based encyclopedia that links brain research concepts to data, models, and literature. It provides users with access to anatomy, gene expression, models, morphology, and physiology data from over 15 different neuroscience data/model repositories, such as Allen Institute for Brain Science and the Human Brain Project. Visit KnowledgeSpace

OpenNeuro is a free and open platform for analyzing and sharing neuroimaging data. Visit OpenNeuro

NITRC is a free one-stop-shop collaboratory for science researchers that need resources such as neuroimaging analysis software, publicly available data sets, or computing power. NITRC provides free access to data and enables pay-per-use cloud-based access to unlimited computing power, enabling worldwide scientific collaboration with minimal startup and cost. With NITRC and its components—the Resources Registry (NITRC-R), Image Repository (NITRC-IR), and Computational Environment (NITRC-CE)—a researcher can obtain pilot or proof-of-concept data to validate a hypothesis for a few dollars. NITRC scientific focus includes: PET/SPECT, CT, EEG/MEG, optical imaging, clinical neuroinformatics, computational neuroscience, and imaging genomics software tools, data, and computational resources. Visit NITRC

Open Source Brain (OSB) is a resource for sharing and collaboratively developing computational models of neural systems. OSB will provide advanced facilities to analyse, visualise and transform models in these formats, and to connect researchers interested in models of specific neurons, brain regions and disease states. Visit Open Source Brain