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How to use

How to use TrainingSpace and the associated products

The INCF Training Suite currently consists of TrainingSpace, Neurostars and KnowledgeSpace. here you can explore the short demos of these prodcucts. Please note that some of the visuals on the demos could be different from the actual products since we are continuously developing our products. Hope these demos will give you an overall idea about the products.


TrainingSpace (TS) is an online hub that makes multimedia educational content from courses, conference lectures, and laboratory exercises from some of the world’s leading neuroscience institutes and societies more accessible to the global neuroscience community. TS provides users with study tracks for self-guided study, tutorials on tools and open science resources for neuroscience research.


Neurostars is an open access question and answer site that serves the INCF network and the global neuroscience community as a forum for knowledge exchange between neuroscience researchers at all levels of expertise, software developers, and infrastructure providers.


KnowledgeSpace  is a globally-used, data-driven encyclopedia and search engine for the neuroscience community. Descriptions of neuroscience research concepts, publicly available datasets, publications, and much more can be discovered across multiple resources through KnowledgeSpace.