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Imaging principles & Miniscope design

Difficulty level

This lesson is an overview of the Miniscope project. It will give motivation for why we have developed Miniscopes, how they've been developed, why they may be useful for researchers, and the differences between previous and current versions. While directly applicable to the UCLA Miniscope project, this information can be applied to most mainstream miniature microscopes, including both open source and commercially available models.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Neuro cliff notes
  • In vivo recording capabilities and techniques
    • Wide-field fluorescence microscopy
    • Light-sheet microscopy
    • SCAPE microscopy
    • Light-field microscopy
    • 2-proton fluorescence microscopy
  • Development of the miniature microscope
  • Miniscope versions
  • System overview
  • Head mounted scope
  • Online Miniscope resources