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Support Your Research with DMP Assistant 2.0 - Portage

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Brought to you by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries.


Data management plans, or DMPs, are one of the foundations of good research data management. Hosted by the University of Alberta Library and supported by the Portage Network, the DMP Assistant is a national, open, bilingual data management planning (DMP) tool to help researchers better manage their data throughout the lifespan of a project. The tool develops a DMP by prompting researchers to answer a number of key data management questions, supported by best-practice guidance and examples. Building on the preceding DMP-focused webinar, this session will be of interest to researchers, graduate students, librarians, and research support stakeholders. Participants will take an in-depth look at the newly launched DMP Assistant 2.0, including all of its enhanced key features for both end-users and institutional administrators, as well as a brief look at the future of the platform.


Speaker: Robyn Nicholson, Data Management Planning Coordinator, Portage Network