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Support Your Research with Data Management Planning!

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Brought to you by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries.


Data management plans, or DMPs, are one of the foundations of good research data management. This DMP-focused webinar will be of interest to researchers, graduate students, librarians, and research support stakeholders, and will provide foundational information on developing DMPs. Topics covered will include the importance and benefits of DMPs, how they support research excellence, and what makes a ‘good’ DMP, as well as a detailed look at their standard content. Resources to help with the development of DMPs – including bilingual training materials, guidance documents and Exemplar DMPs – will be presented, as well as an update on the activities of the Portage DMP Expert Group, including forthcoming resources. A brief overview of the DMP Assistant platform will be provided, while a second separate session will deliver an in-depth look at the latest version of this platform, including its key features.


Speaker: James Doiron, Research Data Management Services Coordinator, University of Alberta Libraries