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Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Governance and Policy

Difficulty level

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly affecting almost all areas of life from jobs, healthcare and entertainment to public safety and defense. While advances in AI are associated with new opportunities for economic growth and well-being, they at the same time raise major ethical concerns about AI impact on social equality, transparency and accountability. In recent years, these issues have acquired a prominent role on the agendas of policy-makers around the world. Today the need to facilitate beneficial development of AI and regulate it in the public interest is regularly addressed in speeches of political leaders and policy documents prepared by national governments, international organizations, experts, consulting companies and stakeholders.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Ongoing research analysing how AI is understood and addressed in policy documents around the world.
  • How AI is presented in policy documents as a disruptive and transformative technology, the talk will elaborate on how policy-makers frame social risks and opportunities associated with AI in areas such as employment, business, healthcare, education and military.
  • Policy recommendations as well as major differences between EU, US, UK, China and others.