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Optical imaging of brains

Optical imaging offers a look inside the working brain. This lecture takes a look at orientation and ocular dominance columns in the visual cortex, and shows how they can be viewed with calcium imaging.

Topics covered in this lesson
  1. Putting the size of the brain in context
  2. Studying brain activity on different levels
  3. Brain imaging: MRI/fMRI, optical imaging, two-photon microscopy with calcium imaging
  4. Speed and resolution
  5. Precursors to optical imaging
  6. Ocular dominance
  7. Fluorescence microscopy
  8. Imaging in vivo with single-cell resolution
  9. 1-photon vs 2-photon microscopy
  10. Modern techniques

Some basic knowledge of neurons and the visual system, comparable to the two first lectures in this series.

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