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Neuroinformatics Reproducibility for Everyone

Difficulty level

This workshop will introduce reproducible workflows and a range of tools along the themes of organisation, documentation, analysis, and dissemination. After a brief introduction to the topic of reproducibility, the workshop will provide specific tips and tools useful in improving daily research workflows. The content will include modules such as data management, electronic lab notebooks, reproducible bioinformatics tools and methods, protocol and reagent sharing, data visualisation, and version control. All modules include interactive learning, real-time participation, and active knowledge sharing. The methods and tools introduced help researchers share work with their future self, their immediate colleagues, and the wider scientific community.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Apply a conceptual framework for reproducibility, replicability, and robustness of research.
  • Explore practical, accessible tools and methods for advancing the reproducibility of research.
  • Reuse and adapt the Reproducibility for Everyone modular curriculum to their own training and research needs.
  • Evaluate their reproducibility barriers and solutions through interactive knowledge sharing.