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Introduction to data science and neuroinformatics

Difficulty level

Much like neuroinformatics, data science uses techniques from computational science to derive meaningful results from large complex datasets. In this session, we will explore the relationship between neuroinformatics and data science, by emphasizing a range of data science approaches and activities, ranging from the development and application of statistical methods, through the establishment of communities and platforms, and through the implementation of open-source software tools. Rather than rigid distinctions, in the data science of neuroinformatics, these activities and approaches intersect and interact in dynamic ways. Together with a panel of cutting-edge neuro-data-scientist speakers, we will explore these dynamics


This lecture covers the description and brief history of data science and its use in neuroinformatics.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Why do we need data science?
  • What is data science?
  • How did we get here? A historical perspective
  • Data science in practice
  • Intellectual infrastructure