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NeuroFedora Demo

Difficulty level

NeuroFedora is a volunteer driven initiative to provide a ready to use Fedora based Free/Open Source Software platform for neuroscience. We believe that similar to Free Software, science should be free for all to use, share, modify, and study. The use of Free Software also aids reproducibility, data sharing, and collaboration in the research community. By making the tools used in the scientific process easier to use, NeuroFedora aims to take a step to enable this ideal. The CompNeuro Fedora Lab was specially to enable computational neuroscience. It includes everything you will need to get your work done—modelling software, analysis tools, general productivity tools—all well integrated with the modern GNOME platform to give you a complete operating system.

  • Introduction to NeuroFedora
  • Demo of CompNeuro NeuroFedora OS
Technology requirement