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Event and Condition Annotation of BIDS Data Using HED – From Start to Finish

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Hierarchical Event Descriptors (HED) fill a major gap in the neuroinformatics standards toolkit, namely the specification of the nature(s) of events and time-limited conditions recorded as having occurred during time series recordings (EEG, MEG, iEEG, fMRI, etc.). Here, the HED Working Group presents an online INCF workshop on the need for, structure of, tools for, and use of HED annotation to prepare neuroimaging time series data for storing, sharing, and advanced analysis. 


    Topics covered in this lesson
    • Documenting temporal structure in time series data (evolving concepts, history, needs and benefits)
    • Annotating a BIDS dataset from start to finish
    • Adding annotations to EEG data using the HED tools ecosystem
    • Using the SCORE HED library schema for clinical EEG data annotation
    • Applying HED annotation to fMRI datasets