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dbSNP Data


This tutorial describes the dbSNP resources in the UCSC Genome Browser, including display conventions and the subdivision of the data into several useful subset tracks, especially the Common SNPs. There is also a discussion about changes to the genome assemblies from one version to another, and of two ways to navigate between different assemblies of the human genome in the Browser.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Set up the Genome Browser to hg18
  • Turn on SNPs (130). 2:02 “Polymorphism” and why hg19 has SNP subsets
  • Why “Simple” Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)?
  • All SNPs track and its subset Common SNPs in hg19
  • Compare SNPs in tracks
  • SNP track configuration page and table schema
  • All SNPs track table schema and row count
  • A single SNP and its details page
  • A change between genome assemblies
  • A Common SNP details page
  • Two ways to navigate between genomes
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