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Accessing Reproducible Datasets From Synapse as Part of Integrated Workflow

Difficulty level

In this lesson, while learning about the need for increased large-scale collaborative science that is transparent in nature, users also are given a tutorial on using Synapse for facilitating reusable and reproducible research. 

Topics covered in this lesson
  • FAIR science principles
  • Collaborative science
  • Data curation and management
  • Synapse API demo
Slides (25.07 MB)
Technology requirement

This workshop demonstrates how to work with the Synapse platform, and will use push and pull data to the synapse platform for sharing biomedical datasets using the synapseClient python package. In order to be able to run all the commands in the tutorial, a "verified" synapse account is required. For those who are not able to create an account or get certified, the instructor will cover the concepts for tractable data analysis that can still be generally applicable beyond the Synapse platform.


Getting a Verified Account is a two step process.