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Data Science & Neuroinformatics bootstrapping
Purpose of the collection

The collection aims to provide several categories of skills and knowledge relevant to the practice of Data Science & Neuroinformatics in and open neuroscience environment.

This collection has been organized into the following themes:

  1. Elementary skills for Data Science
    1. Mathematics background & refresher
    2. Neuroinformatics basics
  2. Fundamental tools
    1. OHBM TrainTrack - courses on fundamental tools
    2. NeuroTool webinar series
    3. Collection of open source, web-based tools biomedical research
  3. Brainhack School
  4. Repositories/Search Engines
  5. Data systems for sharing/fetching


Courses in this collection
The importance of Research Data Management in the conduct of open and reproducible science is better understood and technically supported than ever,…