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The structure of the neocortex

Difficulty level

In an overview of the structure of the mammalian neocortex, this lecture explains how the mammalian cortex is organized in a hierarchy, describing the columnar principle and canonical microcircuits

Topics covered in this lesson
  1. Why study the cerebral cortex?
  2. Parts of the cortex, gyri, and sulci
  3. Cortical layers
  4. Functional architecture, columnar structure
  5. The basic cortical wiring diagram
  6. Pyramidal cells
  7. Douglas' and Martin's canonical microcircuit
  8. Maps in cortex
  9. Ocular dominance stripes
  10. Imaging of cortical circuits
  11. Computer analogy for studying cortex
  12. Concluding Q&A (at 53:27)

Some basic knowledge of neurons and the visual system, comparable to the two first lectures in this series.