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Neuroscience Gateway (NSG)

Difficulty level

Enabling neuroscience research using high performance computing

Topics covered in this lesson

The Neuroscience Gateway facilitates access and use of National Science Foundation (NSF) High Performance Computing (HPC) resources by neuroscientists. Computational modeling of cells and networks has become an essential part of neuroscience research, and investigators are using models to address problems of ever increasing complexity, e.g. large scale network models and optimization or exploration of high dimensional parameter spaces. The NSG will catalyze such research by lowering or eliminating the administrative and technical barriers that currently make it difficult for investigators to use HPC resources. It offers free computer time to neuroscientists acquired via the supercomputer time allocation process managed by the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) Resource Allocation Committee (XRAC). The NSG provides access to the popular computational neuroscience tools installed on various HPC resources through a web portal and programmatic access.

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