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The International Brain Lab (IBL) data architecture

Difficulty level

The International Brain Initiative (IBI) is a consortium of the world’s major large-scale brain initiatives and other organizations with a vested interest in catalyzing and advancing neuroscience research through international collaboration and knowledge sharing. This session will introduce the IBI and the current efforts of the Data Standards and Sharing Working Group with a view to gain input from a wider neuroscience and neuroinformatics community. This session covers the framework of the International Brain Lab (IBL) and the data architecture used for this project.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • The IBL: 22 labs working to understand decision-making
  • Recording neural activity during this behavior
  • The data integration challenge
  • Specific challenges of a large-scale project
  • Data team goals
  • Data architecture overview
    • Metadata database “Alyx”
    • Preprocessing and compression prior to upload
    • Prototype distributed processing architecture
    • Automated upload
    • ONE protocol
    • Revisions and tags
    • DataJoint
  • Multiple data access options
  • Analysis of full-project data