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How Do I Rigorously Express Where My Manipulation Occurred in the Brain or Nervous System?

Difficulty level

This workshop focuses on the problem of unambiguously and rigorously declaring where a probe or other manipulator is placed in the brain, so that it can be understood by humans or machines. We will hear about solutions that have been developed in highly used model organisms like the mouse, and hear about cross-species ontologies that have been developed. The goal of the workshop is to spread best practices and to identify needed digital infrastructure so that it may be developed.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • "Where was I? The problem of rigorously identifying placement of electrodes or other probes in the brain, for many species" 
  • UBERON, a comparative anatomy ontology
  • How does AI accurately trace the probes in ex vivo volumes? 
  • How does AI align anatomical and physiological landmarks? 
  • How does AI validate that our registration is accurate? 
  • How are locations in the mouse brain developmental ontology being determined and specified? 
  • How can the developmental CCF be used to rigorously specify locations in the mouse brain?