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Enabling Multi-Scale Data Integration: Turning Data to Knowledge - Part 1

Difficulty level

The workshop is organized by the German National Research Data Infrastructure Initiative Neuroscience (NFDI-Neuro). The initiative is community driven and comprises ca. 50 contributing national partners and collaborates. NFDI-Neuro partners with EBRAINS AISB, the coordinating entity of the EU Human Brain Project and the EBRAINS infrastructure. We will introduce common methods that enable digital reproducible Neuroscience. Each class of research data management method is first introduced conceptually - followed by a practical hands-on session. For hands-on sessions we will use the Collaboratory by EBRAINS as a joint digital workspace providing a range of functionalities including compute and storage resources.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Why is multilevel data integration important? 
  • Introduction to data structure standards 
  • Introduction to metadata schemas 
  • Introduction to EBRAINS Knowledge Graph for data discovery
  • Introduction to reproducible digital workflows 
  • Introduction to provenance tracking