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Diversity and inclusion in Neuroinformatics

Difficulty level

The lack of diversity and inclusion continues to remain an issue in STEM. Even though it is well acknowledged, and there are initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion, progress is slow. The INCF, as an umbrella organization in Neuroscience, is incredibly well placed to help accelerate our progress by bringing its members (both institutional and individual) together to discuss what concrete steps we, as a community, can take.


Paola Mengotti, Women in Neuroscience - The Women in Neuroscience Repository (WiNRepo)
Athina Tzovara & AmanPreet Badhwar, OHBM
Srikanth Ramaswamy - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Neuroscience
Karin Grasenick, HBP
Yael Niv, BiasWatchNeuro - An empirical approach to reducing gender bias: BiasWatchNeuro

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Metrics from organisations/labs/conferences where available
  • Discuss the possibility of the INCF also acting as an umbrella organisation for Outreachy, in a way similar to how we conduct GSoC
  • Formation of a new working group explicitly to work on diversity, inclusion, and outreach