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Curating electrophysiology data for reuse in EBRAINS

The course is an introduction to the field of electrophysiology standards, infrastructure, and initiatives.


This lecture contains an overview of electrophysiology data reuse within the EBRAINS ecosystem.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • FAIR
  • Why reuse electrophysiology data?
  • An example of data reuse: meta-analysis
  • Metadata needed for meta-analysis
  • Standards for metadata exchange
  • Neurodata Without Borders
  • odML terminologies
  • Neuroshapes
  • openMINDS
  • BIDS extensions
  • Standards for metadata exchange
  • Interoperability via Linked data
  • Arduous annotation
  • Progressive refinement
  • In-depth curation
  • Reusing EBRAINS datasets