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The Cognitive Revolution, New AI, and Living Machines

This lecture covers a lot of post-war developments in the science of the mind, focusing first on the cognitive revolution, and concluding with living machines.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Miller, Gallanter and Pribram TOTE (Test Operate Test Execute) model
  • Wiener’s cybernetics  
  • McCullough model of the neuron as a cybernetic system
  • Von Neumann’s computer architecture, and the architecture of the mind
  • Rosenblatt’s Perceptron
  • Minsky and Papert on the limitations of perceptrons
  • Newell and Simon’s Physical Symbol Systems hypothesis
  • Functionalism in philosophy
  • Brooks subsumption architecture
  • Braitenberg vehicles
  • Situatedness and emergence
  • Morphological computation
  • Distributed Adaptive Control architecture
  • Living machines