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The China-Cuba-Canada Neuroinformatics Ecosystem for qEEGt

This lecture contains an overview of the China-Cuba-Canada neuroinformatics ecosystem for Quantitative Tomographic EEG Analysis (qEEGt).

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Developing infrastructure for the CCC and GBC: LORIS, CBRAIN and methods (Valdes-Sosa, Pedro)
  • Classical Quantitative Tomographic EEG Analysis (qEEGt), a resource of CBRAIN
  • Applications of the classical qEEGt: Malnutrition and Learning disabilities
  • Multimodal neuroimaging: acquisition and processing pipelines
  • Empowering qEEGt with BC-VARETA and Riemannian geometry: a new generation of MEEG source imaging and connectivity methods and statistics
  • Registration of electrophysiology with BigBrain: Informing MEEG connectivity with structural priors and layer-specific neural mass modeling
Slides (5.93 MB)