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    Biophysical models of single neurons

    Difficulty level

    Different types of models, model complexity, and how to choose an appropriate model.

    Topics covered in this lesson
    1. Why modeling?
    2. What is a model?
    3. Different types of models
    4. Conductance-based models
    5. Single compartment fly model neuron

    The importance of choosing a model of the right type and with the right level of complexity.

    Reasons to use models - neurons and networks are nonlinear complex systems, and many parameters and variables are not experimentally accessible. Models allow complete control over parameters and exploration of parameter spaces. No animal sacrifices necessary, and less time consuming (once you have a model that works). Different types of models - levels of organization, levels of abstraction. Single compartment neuron with several ionic current models, current dynamics when altering the mix and proportion of ion channels. (NB: last few minutes are mainly logistics for the following hands-on session)