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INCF Neuroinformatics Assembly 2021
Purpose of the collection

The objective of the 2021 INCF Neuroinformatics Assembly was to provide a forum in which the neuroscience community can learn about the latest advancements in the application of the FAIR Guiding Principles in neuroscience and attend tutorials on the latest tools, methods, and neuroinformatics approaches that promote open, FAIR, and citable neuroscience. 

Sessions include:

  • Introduction to INCF and perspectives on FAIR neuroscience
  • Practical use cases for FAIR
  • FAIR approaches for computational neuroscience
  • FAIR approaches for neuroimaging research
  • FAIR approaches for electropysiology
  • Introduction to tools and infrastructure that support FAIR neuroscience
  • Introduction to data science and neuroinformatics
  • Introduction to open innovation and intellectual property
Courses in this collection
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