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The Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP)
Purpose of the collection

This collection aims to integrate into the INCF Training Space open training materials originating from Canadian neuroscience research labs forming part of the CONP network, as well as make use of the expertise of CONP members, partners, and Scholars to help curate and expand existing materials.

About The Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP): The CONP brings together many of Canada’s leading scientists in basic and clinical neuroscience to form an interactive network of collaborations in brain research, interdisciplinary student training, international partnerships, clinical translation, and open publishing.  The platform provides the research community with a unified interface the creation of large-scale databases, the development of standards for sharing, the facilitation of advanced analytic strategies, the open dissemination to the global community of both neuroscience data and methods, and the establishment of training programs for the next generation of computational neuroscience researchers.

Courses in this collection
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This course provides introductory and refresher lessons for a range of concepts and methods useful in the field of neuroscience and neuroinformatics…
A series of lessons to take you from the BIDS formatting for MRI data to the analysis of both functional and diffusion MRI data.