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What is TrainingSpace

TrainingSpace (TS) is an online hub that aims to make neuroscience educational materials more accessible to the global neuroscience community developed in collaboration with INCF, HBP, SfN, FENS, IBRO, IEEE Brain, BD2K, OHBM, CONP, and iNeuro Initiative. As a hub, TS provides users with access to:

Multimedia educational content from courses, conference lectures, and laboratory exercises from some of the world’s leading neuroscience institutes and societies

  • Study tracks to facilitate self-guided study
  • Tutorials on tools and open science resources for neuroscience research
  • A Q&A forum, NeuroStars 
  • A neuroscience encyclopedia that provides users with access to over 1.000.000 publicly available datasets as well as links to literature references and scientific abstracts, KnowledgeSpace

Topics currently included in TS include: general neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics, computer science, and data science.

About INCF

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) is an international non-profit organization devoted to advancing the field of neuroinformatics and global collaborative brain research. Learn more about INCF