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Lecture title:

This lecture briefly introduces The Virtual Brain (TVB), a multi-scale, multi-modal neuroinformatics platform for full brain network simulations using biologically realistic connectivity, as well as its potential neuroscience applications: for example with epilepsy.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Duration: 8:53
Speaker: : Petra Ritter
Lecture title:

This lecture presents two recent clinical case studies using TVB: stroke recovery and dementia (due to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)). Using a multi-scale neurophysiological model based on empirical multi-modal neuroimaging data, we show how local and global biophysical parameters characterize changes in  individualized patient-specific brain dynamics, predict recovery of motor function for stroke patients, and correlate with individual differences in cognition for AD patients.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Duration: 32:11
Speaker: : Randy McIntosh