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Tutorial on how to simulate brain tumor brains with TVB (reproducing publication: Marinazzo et al. 2020 Neuroimage). This tutorial comprises a didactic video, jupyter notebooks, and full data set for the construction of virtual brains from patients and health controls. Authors: Hannelore Aerts, Michael Schirner, Ben Jeurissen, DIrk Van Roost, Eric Achten, Petra Ritter, Daniele Marinazzo

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Duration: 10:01
Speaker: :

In February 2020, the Canadian Government published its "Roadmap for Open Science" to provide overarching principles and recommendations to guide Open Science activities in federally-funded scientific research.  It outlines broad guidelines for making science in Canada open to all while respecting privacy, security, ethical considerations and appropriate intellectual property protection.

Difficulty level: Beginner
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