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Laura Waller - Miniscope User and Developer Talk

Difficulty level

"Computational imaging for miniature miniscopes" was presented by Laura Waller at the 2021 Virtual Miniscope Workshop as part of a series of talks by leading Miniscope users and developers.

Topics covered in this lesson
  • Computational imaging systems
  • Computational imaging pipeline
  • Lenses map points to points
  • Mask-based cameras multiplex
  • DiffuserCam: Stick a scatterer on a sensor
  • Traditional cameras take direct measurements
  • Computational cameras can multiplex
  • Point spread function shifts with position
  • DiffuserCam forward model is a convolution
  • Image reconstruction is nonlinear optimization
  • Point spread function scales with depth
  • Single-shot 3D is difficult
  • Compressible images can be represented with less data
  • Compressed sensing to the rescue!
  • Neural activity tracking with flat DiffuserScope
  • Random microlenses give good SNR without ambiguity
  • Open-source miniature 3D microscope version
  • Fourier DiffuserScope
  • Resolution is more uniform
  • Raw data
  • Reproducible = open-source + cheap + simple hardware