What is meant by computation?

From Universal Turing Machines to McCulloch-Pitts and Hopfield associative memory networks, this lecture explains what is meant by computation. Speaker: Christof Koch.

By Allen Institute for Brain Science
Published Aug, 2012
Difficulty level Beginner
Type Video
Collections Coding and Vision 101

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Topics covered:

  1. A history of computability: Leibniz, Gödel, Turing. Turing machines 
  2. McCullogh & Pitts calculus
  3. Von Neumann
  4. Feature detectors
  5. Encoding and decoding
  6. Synaptic logic
  7. Hopfield networks, attractors
  8. Biophysical explanations vs computational explanations
  9. Concluding Q&A (from 42:18)


Some knowledge of dynamic systems and attractor dynamics.