Simulating the long time scales and large molecule numbers involved in synaptic plasticity

Conference presentation on computationally demanding studies of synaptic plasticity on the molecular level. Speaker: Kim "Avrama" Blackwell.

Published Nov, 2012

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Long-term synaptic plasticity. Spatial specificity and information processing in dendrites/spines. Stochastic reactions and diffusion. Tau leap algorithm. Temporal specificity. Depolarization induced suppression of inhibition. Simulation results in a high-resolution compartmental model of a dendrite with spines. Speaker: Kim "Avrama" Blackwell.

This is a recording of a workshop lecture at Neuroinformatics 2012 in Munich, Germany. Workshop title: Systems Biology of the Neuron.


This presentation requires familiarity with biochemical networks involved in synaptic plasticity and some knowledge of biochemical network modelling and simulation. Recommended: Cellular Mechanisms of Brain Function, especially lectures 16-20 on post-synaptic plasticity.