Neural oscillations, weak coupling and networks

Oscillations and bursting. Speaker: Bard Ermentrout.

By International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
Published Jun, 2017

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Topics covered:

  1. Hopf bifurcation
  2. The bistable region
  3. Class II excitability
  4. Limit cycles and action potentials
  5. Saddle nodes
  6. Examples of neural models: Leaky Integrate-and-fire model, quadratic integrate-and-fire model
  7. Saddle node infinite cycle (SNIC)
  8. Bursting


Some familiarity with the electrical properties of neurons, for instance the (longer) introductory lectures in Cellular Mechanisms of Brain Function or the (shorter) tutorial series on Basic mathematics for computational neurosciences. Knowledge of differential equations. Some familiarity with dynamical systems concepts and/or linear algebra (stability, equilibrium, matrices, finding eigenvalues).

The previous two lectures in the series, Single Neuron Models I and II.