Introduction to workflows for model simulation

This lecture gives an introduction to simulation, models, and the neural simulation tool NEST. Speaker: Marc-Oliver Gewaltig

Published Aug, 2014

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Talk outline

  • The Neural Simulation Tool - NEST
    • Information processing in sensory systems
    • Spiking dynamics in large networks
    • Learning and plasticity in large networks
  • Models
    • Types
    • Properties and examples of good models
    • Model selection and fitting
    • Compartment models of neurons
  • Simulation
    • What is a simulation?
    • Simulation workflows
    • Examples
    • Analysis
    • Reproducibility
  • Intro to human brain project

Speaker: Marc-Oliver Gewaltig
Talk title: Digging deeper - Workflows for modelling and simulation
Recorded at the INCF Short course: Introduction to neuroinformatics 22-23 August 2014 in Leiden, the Netherlands


Some introductory knowledge of modeling, for instance the video lecture Introduction to modeling the brain from the same course.