Introduction to neuroimaging

This lecture covers acquisition techniques, the physics of MRI, diffusion imaging, prediction using fMRI. Speaker: Jean-Babtiste Poline

Published Aug, 2014

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Talk outline:

  • Short overview of acquisition techniques
  • MRI physics: a better machine than the space shuttle
  • Can we average your brains?
  • T1 information
  • Diffusion imaging: hard wiring
  • FMRI - physiology - activation
  • FMRI connectivity techniques
  • Prediction with neuroimaging /FMRI
  • Some issues in results reproducibility - data sharing

Speaker: Jean-Babtiste Poline
Talk title: A short introduction to neuroimaging

Recorded at the INCF Short course: Introduction to neuroinformatics 22-23 August 2014 in Leiden, the Netherlands