Cognitive Neuroinformatics

This lecture covers how we can map mind to brain, the Cognitive Atlas Project, TopicMapping and the OpenfMRI data sharing project. Speaker: Russel Poldrack.

Published Sep, 2012
Difficulty level Intermediate
Type Video

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Keynote lecture at at Neuroinformatics 2012 in Munich
Speaker: Russell Poldrack
Talk title: Cognitive Neuroinformatics

Talk abstract

We are drowning in results from neuroimaging studies, but starving for an understanding of how these results inform brain function. I will describe an emerging ecosystem of neuroinformatics resources that are aimed at better understanding the relations between mental processes and brain function. Data mining tool such as and provide the means to integrate massive literatures to obtain better estimates of associations between brain activity and mental function. Ontologies of mental function, such as the Cognitive Atlas, aim to provide a more formal linkage between psychological processes and the tasks used to measure them. Data sharing projects, such as the OpenfMRI project, aim to provide the means to more deeply mine the relation between broad sets of mental processes and brain function. Together, these tools are beginning to provide the means to make sense of the rapidly growing neuroimaging literature.