A walk through of the mammalian visual system

From the retina to the superior colliculus, the lateral geniculate nucleus into primary visual cortex and beyond, this lecture gives a tour of the mammalian visual system highlighting the Nobel-prize winning discoveries of Hubel & Wiesel. Speaker: Clay Reid.

By Allen Institute for Brain Science
Published Aug, 2012
Difficulty level Beginner
Type Video
Collections Coding and Vision 101

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Topics covered:

  1. A brief historical overview of vision research
  2. Retina, thalamus, visual cortex
  3. Cells in the retina: photoreceptors, bipolar cells, and ganglion cells
  4. Typical computations in the retina (examples)
  5. Receptive fields. Direction selectivity
  6. Visualization of neural responses with fluorescent dyes and optogenetics
  7. Concluding Q&A (from 44:09).


No prerequisites needed.