INCF Short course: Introduction to neuroinformatics

8 parts

Topics covered:
data analysis and neuronal coding, databases and ontologies, multiscale modeling, neuroengineering, simulation/computation/workflows, visualization

Welcome and introduction to the INCF short course

This lecture covers an introduction to neuroinformatics and its subfields, the content of the short course and future neuroinformatics applications. Speaker: Marja-Leena Linne.

Introduction to Microscopic Imaging

This lecture covers an introduction to connectomics, and image processing tools for the study of connectomics. Speaker: Ignacio Arganda-Carreras

Introduction to Neuromorphic engineering

This lecture covers modeling the neuron in silicon, modeling vision and audition and sensory fusion using a deep network. Speaker: Shih-Chii Liu

Introduction to workflows for model simulation

This lecture gives an introduction to simulation, models, and the neural simulation tool NEST. Speaker: Marc-Oliver Gewaltig

Introduction to modeling the brain

This lecture covers an Introduction to neuron anatomy and signaling, and different types of models, including the Hodgkin-Huxley model. Speaker: Gaute Einevoll

Introduction to data analysis and neural coding

This lecture covers describing and characterizing an input-output relationship. Speaker: Jonathan D. Victor

Introduction to neuroimaging

This lecture covers acquisition techniques, the physics of MRI, diffusion imaging, prediction using fMRI. Speaker: Jean-Babtiste Poline

Introduction to databases and ontologies

This lecture covers structured data, databases, federating neuroscience-relevant databases, ontologies. Speaker: Maryann Martone