Hypothes.is: a web-based annotation tool

4 parts

Annotation tool that enables users to collaboratively annotate course readings and other internet resources.

Features of Hypothes.is:

  1. Select text to annotate. Add tags and post publicly or save privately.
  2. Reply to or share any annotation. Link to notes or whole pages.
  3. Annotate together in groups. Collaborate privately with others.
  4. Search your notes. Explore all public annotations and profiles.


Introduction to Hypothes.is

A short reel on who we are, what we're doing and why we're doing it.

The Pedagogy of Collaborative Annotation

In this webinar, educators currently implementing collaborative annotation in their classrooms discuss their experiences with collaborative annotation and using Hythothes.is and Canvas App.

Hypothes.is demo

A brief overview of the Hypothesis functionality from an end user's perspective. Speaker: Heather Staines.

Hypothes.is: How to tutorial

Tutorial that provides an overview of how to use the feature of Hypothes.is.