Computational neuroscience: the basics

6 parts

Introduction to modeling the brain.

Introduction to modeling the brain

This lecture covers an Introduction to neuron anatomy and signaling, and different types of models, including the Hodgkin-Huxley model. Speaker: Gaute Einevoll

Some simple models of neurons

Introduction to simple abstract models of neurons. Speaker: Geoffrey Hinton.

The action potential

The ionic basis of the action potential, including the Hodgkin Huxley model. Speaker: Carl Petersen.

Modelling across scales of analysis

Forms of plasticity on many levels - short-term, long-term, metaplasticity, structural plasticity. With examples related to modelling of biochemical networks. Speaker: Upi Bhalla.

Principles of intracellular modelling and computation

Introduction to modelling of chemical computation in the brain. Speaker: Upi Bhalla

Simulating the long time scales and large molecule numbers involved in synaptic plasticity

Conference presentation on computationally demanding studies of synaptic plasticity on the molecular level. Speaker: Kim "Avrama" Blackwell.